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Nodeless superconducting gap in A(x)Fe(2)Se(2) (A = K, Cs) revealed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopyNATURE MATERIALS10(4):273:277 2011 AprZhang, Y; Yang, LX; Xu, M; Ye, ZR; Chen, F; He, C; Xu, HC; Jiang, J; Xie, BP; Ying, JJ; Wang, XF; Chen, XH; Hu, JP; Matsunami, M; Kimura, S; Feng, DL
Experimental measurement-based quantum computing beyond the cluster-state modelNATURE PHOTONICS5(2):117-123 Feb2011Gao, WB; Yao, XC; Cai, JM; Lu, H; Xu, P; Yang, T; Lu, CY; Chen, YA; Chen, ZB; Pan, JW
Preparation and storage of frequency-uncorrelated entangled photons from cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric downconversionNATURE PHOTONICS5(10):SI 628-632 Oct 2011Zhang, H; Jin, XM; Yang, J; Dai, HN; Yang, SJ; Zhao, TM; Rui, J; He, Y; Jiang, X; Yang, F; Pan, GS; Yuan, ZS; Deng, YJ; Chen, ZB; Bao, XH; Chen, S; Zhao, B; Pan, JW
Ionic polypeptides with unusual helical stabilityNATURE COMMUNICATIONS2:Feb 2011Lu, H; Wang, J; Bai, YG; Lang, JW; Liu, SY; Lin, Y; Cheng, JJ
Superconductivity at 5 K in alkali-metal-doped phenanthreneNATURE COMMUNICATIONS2:507 2011Wang, XF; Liu, RH; Gui, Z; Xie, YL; Yan, YJ; Ying, JJ; Luo, XG; Chen, XH
Observation of an anomalous decoherence effect in a quantum bath at room temperatureNATURE COMMUNICATIONS2:570 2011Pu Huang, Xi Kong, Fazhan Shi, Pengfei Wang, Xing Rong & Jiangfeng Du
p53 regulates biosynthesis through direct inactivation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenaseNATURE CELL BIOLOGY13(3):310-U278 Mar 2011Jiang, P; Du, WJ; Wang, XW; Mancuso, A; Gao, XA; Wu, MA; Yang, XL
Hierarchical assembly of micro-/nano-building blocks: bio-inspired rigid structural functional materialsCHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS40(7):3764-3785 2011Yao, HB; Fang, HY; Wang, XH; Yu, SH
Brønsted-Acid-Catalyzed Asymmetric Multicomponent Reactions for the Facile Synthesis of Highly Enantioenriched Structurally Diverse Nitrogenous HeterocyclesACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH44(11):1156-1171 Nov 2011Yu, J; Shi, F; Gong, LZ
The Electronic Properties of Superatom States of Hollow MoleculesACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH44(5):360-368 May 2011Feng, M; Zhao, J; Huang, T; Zhu, XY; Petek, H
CCL18 from Tumor-Associated Macrophages Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis via PITPNM3CANCER CELL19(4):541-555 Apr 2011Chen, JQ; Yao, YD; Gong, C; Yu, FY; Su, SC; Chen, JN; Liu, BD; Deng, H; Wang, FS; Lin, L; Yao, HR; Su, FX; Anderson, KS; Liu, QA; Ewen, ME; Yao, XB; Song, EW
Quantitative detection of single amino acid polymorphisms by targeted proteomicsJOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY3(5):309-315 Oct 2011Su, ZD; Sun, L; Yu, DX; Li, RX; Li, HX; Yu, ZJ; Sheng, QH; Lin, X; Zeng, R; Wu, JR
Structure of a CENP-A-histone H4 heterodimer in complex with chaperone HJURPGENES & DEVELOPMENT25(9):901-906 May 2011Hu, H; Liu, Y; Wang, MZ; Fang, JN; Huang, HD; Yang, N; Li, YB; Wang, JY; Yao, XB; Shi, YY; Li, GH; Xu, RM
Cooperation of Escherichia coli Hfq hexamers in DsrA bindingGENES & DEVELOPMENT25(19):2106-2117 Oct 2011Wang, WW; Wang, LJ; Zou, Y; Zhang, JH; Gong, QG; Wu, JH; Shi, YY
Crystal-Plane-Controlled Surface Restructuring and Catalytic Performance of Oxide NanocrystalsANGEW CHEM INT EDIT50(51): 12294-12298 Dec 2011Huizhi Bao, Dr. Wenhua Zhang, Qing Hua, Dr. Zhiquan Jiang, Prof. Dr. Jinlong Yang, Prof. Dr. Weixin Huang
Highly Efficient Amide Synthesis from Alcohols and Amines by Virtue of a Water-Soluble Gold/DNA CatalystANGEW CHEM INT EDIT50(38):8917-8921 2011Wang, Y; Zhu, DP; Tang, L; Wang, SJ; Wang, ZY
The Cycloaddition Reaction of I-h-Sc3N@C-80 with 2-Amino-4,5-diisopropoxybenzoic Acid and Isoamyl Nitrite to Produce an Open-Cage MetallofullereneANGEW CHEM INT EDIT50(20):4658-4662 2011Wang, GW; Liu, TX; Jiao, MZ; Wang, N; Zhu, SE; Chen, CB; Yang, SF; Bowles, FL; Beavers, CM; Olmstead, MM; Mercado, BQ; Balch, AL
One-Pot Formation of C-C and C-N Bonds through Palladium-Catalyzed Dual C-H Activation: Synthesis of PhenanthridinonesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT50(6):1380-1383 2011Wang, GW; Yuan, TT; Li, DD
A Methanol-Tolerant Pt/CoSe2 Nanobelt Cathode Catalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel CellsANGEW CHEM INT EDIT50(21):4905-4908 2011Gao, MR; Gao, Q; Jiang, J; Cui, CH; Yao, WT; Yu, SH
Magnetoelectric Coupling in Ordered Arrays of Multilayered Heteroepitaxial BaTiO(3)/CoFe(2)O(4) NanodotsNANO LETTERS11(8):3202-3206 AugLu, XL; Kim, Y; Goetze, S; Li, XG; Dong, SN; Werner, P; Alexe, M; Hesse, D
A Molecular Switch Based on Current-Driven Rotation of an Encapsulated Cluster within a Fullerene CageNANO LETTERS11(12):5327-5332 Nov 2011T. Huang, J. Zhao, M. Feng, A. Popov, S. Yang, L. Dunsch, H. Petek
High Tunability of the Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Response with a Metal-Multiferroic CompositeNANO LETTERS11(3):1265-1269 Mar 2011Xu, XY; Seal, K; Xu, XS; Ivanov, I; Hsueh, CH; Abu Hatab, N; Yin, LF; Zhang, XQ; Cheng, ZH; Gu, BH; Zhang, ZY; Shen, JA
Tuning Gold Nanorod-Nanoparticle Hybrids into Plasmonic Fano Resonance for Dramatically Enhanced Light Emission and TransmissionNANO LETTERS11(1):49-55 Jan 2011Zhou, ZK; Peng, XN; Yang, ZJ; Zhang, ZS; Li, M; Su, XR; Zhang, Q; Shan, XY; Wang, QQ; Zhang, ZY
Self-Assembly and Embedding of Nanoparticles by In Situ Reduced Graphene for Preparation of a 3D Graphene/Nanoparticle AerogelADVANCED MATERIALS23(47):5679-+ Dec 2011Chen, WF; Li, SR; Chen, CH; Yan, LF
A Free-Standing Pt-Nanowire Membrane as a Highly Stable Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction ReactionADVANCED MATERIALS23(12):1467-1471 Mar 2011Liang, HW; Cao, XA; Zhou, F; Cui, CH; Zhang, WJ; Yu, SH
Macroscale Elastomeric Conductors Generated from Hydrothermally Synthesized Metal-Polymer Hybrid Nanocable SpongesADVANCED MATERIALS23(32):3643+ Aug 2011Yao, HB; Huang, G; Cui, CH; Wang, XH; Yu, SH
Hypercytolytic Activity of Hepatic Natural Killer Cells Correlates With Liver Injury in Chronic Hepatitis B PatientsHEPATOLOGY53(1):73-85 Jan 2011Zhang, Z; Zhang, SY; Zou, ZS; Shi, JF; Zhao, JJ; Fan, R; Qin, EQ; Li, BS; Li, ZW; Xu, XS; Fu, JL; Zhang, JY; Gao, B; Tian, ZG; Wang, FS
Macrophages prevent human red blood cell reconstitution in immunodeficient miceBLOOD118(22):5938 Nov 2011Hu, Z; Van Rooijen, N; Yang, YG
Assembling and Disassembling Ag Clusters on Si(111)-(7 x 7) by Vertical Atomic ManipulationACS NANO5(9):7608-7616 Sep 2011Ming, FF; Wang, KD; Pan, SA; Liu, JP; Zhang, XQ; Yang, JL; Xiao, XD
Orthogonal Interactions of CO Molecules on a One-Dimensional SubstrateACS NANO5(11):8877-8883 Nov 2011Feng, M; Cabrera-Sanfelix, P; Lin, CW; Arnau, A; Sanchez-Portal, D; Zhao, J; Echenique, PM; Petek, H
Current-Driven Dynamics in Molecular Junctions: Endohedral FullerenesACS NANO5(10):7858-7865 Oct 2011Jorn, R; Zhao, J; Petek, H; Seideman, T
Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy of Gold-Benzenedithiol-Gold Junctions: Accurate Determination of Molecular ConformationACS NANO5(3):2257-2263 2011 MarLin, LL; Wang, CK; Luo, Y
Tuning Chemical Enhancement of SERS by Controlling the Chemical Reduction of Graphene Oxide NanosheetsACS NANO5(2):952-958 feb 2011Yu, XX; Cai, HB; Zhang, WH; Li, XJ; Pan, N; Luo, Y; Wang, XP; Hou, JG
Doxorubicin-Tethered Responsive Gold Nanoparticles Facilitate Intracellular Drug Delivery for Overcoming Multidrug Resistance in Cancer CellsACS NANO5(5):3679-3692 2011Wang, F; Wang, YC; Dou, S; Xiong, MH; Sun, TM; Wang, J
Simultaneous Delivery of siRNA and Paclitaxel via a "Two-in-One" Micelleplex Promotes Synergistic Tumor SuppressionACS NANO5(2):1483-1494 Feb 2011Sun, TM; Du, JZ; Yao, YD; Mao, CQ; Dou, SA; Huang, SY; Zhang, PZ; Leong, KW; Song, EW; Wang, J
Carbonaceous Nanofiber Membrane Functionalized by beta-Cyclodextrins for Molecular FiltrationACS NANO5(7):5928-5935 Jul 2011Chen, P; Liang, HW; Lv, XH; Zhu, HZ; Yao, HB; Yu, SH
Highly Active Carbonaceous Nanofibers: A Versatile Scaffold for Constructing Multifunctional Free-Standing MembranesACS NANO5(10):8148-8161 Oct 2011Liang, HW; Zhang, WJ; Ma, YN; Cao, X; Guan, QF; Xu, WP; Yu, SH
Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Nanoparticles Loaded with CdTe Quantum Dots: A Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Probe for Optical Visual Detection of Copper(II) IonsACS NANO5(3):2147-2154 2011 MarYang, P; Zhao, Y; Lu, Y; Xu, QZ; Xu, XW; Dong, L; Yu, SH
Remarkable Enhancement of Electrocatalytic Activity by Tuning the Interface of Pd-Au Bimetallic Nanoparticle TubesACS NANO5(5):4211-4218 2011Cui, CH; Yu, JW; Li, HH; Gao, MR; Liang, HW; Yu, SH
Selective Chromogenic Detection of Thiol-Containing Biomolecules Using Carbonaceous Nanospheres Loaded with Silver Nanoparticles as CarrierACS NANO5(4):3166-3171 Apr 2011Hu, B; Zhao, Y; Zhu, HZ; Yu, SH
Ultralong Silver Trimolybdate Nanowires: Synthesis, Phase Transformation, Stability, and Their Photocatalytic, Optical, and Electrical PropertiesACS NANO5(8):6726-6735 Aug 2011Feng, M; Zhang, M; Song, JM; Li, XG; Yu, SH
Low-Temperature Growth of Graphene by Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Solid and Liquid Carbon SourcesACS NANO5(4):3385-3390 Apr 2011Li, ZC; Wu, P; Wang, CX; Fan, XD; Zhang, WH; Zhai, XF; Zeng, CG; Li, ZY; Yang, JL; Hou, JG
Formation of Graphene p-n Superlattices on Pb Quantum Wedged IslandsACS NANO5(5):3707-3713 May 2011Zhu, WG; Chen, H; Bevan, KH; Zhang, ZY
Epsin N-terminal homology domains bind on opposite sides of two SNAREsP NATL ACAD SCI USA108(30):12277-12282 Jul 2011Wang, J; Gossing, M; Fang, PF; Zimmermann, J; Li, X; von Mollard, GF; Niu, LW; Teng, MK
MicroRNA-149*, a p53-responsive microRNA, functions as an oncogenic regulator in human melanomaP NATL ACAD SCI USA108(38):15840-15845 Sep 2011Jin, L; Hu, WL; Jiang, CC; Wang, JX; Han, CC; Chu, P; Zhang, LJ; Thorne, RF; Wilmott, J; Scolyer, RA; Hersey, P; Zhang, XD; Wu, M
Siva1 suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of tumor cells by inhibiting stathmin and stabilizing microtubulesP NATL ACAD SCI USA108(31):12851-12856 Aug 2011Li, N; Jiang, P; Du, WJ; Wu, ZS; Li, C; Qiao, MR; Yang, XL; Wu, MA
Identification of a small molecule activator of novel PKCs for promoting glucose-dependent insulin secretionCELL RESEARCH21(4):588-599 2011Han, S; Pan, HL; Zhang, JH; Tan, L; Ma, DW; Yuan, JY; Wu, JR
Structural basis of pre-mRNA recognition by the human cleavage factor I(m) complexCELL RESEARCH21(7):1039-1051 Jul 2011Li, H; Tong, SL; Li, X; Shi, H; Ying, Z; Gao, YX; Ge, HH; Niu, LW; Teng, MK
Kruppel-like factor KLF9 regulates PPAR gamma transactivation at the middle stage of adipogenesisCELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION18(2):315-327 Feb 2011Pei, H; Yao, Y; Yang, Y; Liao, K; Wu, JR
Predicting Two-Dimensional Boron-Carbon Compounds by the Global Optimization MethodJ AM CHEM SOC133(40):16285-16290 Oct 2011Luo, XY; Yang, JH; Liu, HY; Wu, XJ; Wang, YC; Ma, YM; Wei, SH; Gong, XG; Xiang, HJ
Binaphthol-Derived Bisphosphoric Acids Serve as Efficient Organocatalysts for Highly Enantioselective 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Azomethine Ylides to Electron-Deficient OlefinsJ AM CHEM SOC133(34):13504-13518 Aug 2011He, L; Chen, XH; Wang, DN; Luo, SW; Zhang, WQ; Yu, J; Ren, L; Gong, LZ
Molecular Oxygen Adsorption Behaviors on the Rutile TiO2(110)-1 x 1 Surface: An in Situ Study with Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyJ AM CHEM SOC133(6):2002-2009 Feb 2011Tan, SJ; Ji, YF; Zhao, Y; Zhao, AD; Wang, B; Yang, JL; Hou, JG
Hydrogen-Incorporation Stabilization of Metallic VO(2)(R) Phase to Room Temperature, Displaying Promising Low-Temperature Thermoelectric EffectJ AM CHEM SOC133(35):13798-13801 Sep 2011Wu, CZ; Feng, F; Feng, J; Dai, J; Peng, LL; Zhao, JY; Yang, JL; Si, C; Wu, ZY; Xie, Y
Metallic Few-Layered VS(2) Ultrathin Nanosheets: High Two-Dimensional Conductivity for In-Plane SupercapacitorsJ AM CHEM SOC133(44):17832-17838 Nov 2011Feng, J; Sun, X; Wu, CZ; Peng, LL; Lin, CW; Hu, SL; Yang, JL; Xie, Y
Colloidal Synthesis of Cu(2)CdSnSe(4) Nanocrystals and Hot-Pressing to Enhance the Thermoelectric Figure-of-MeritJ AM CHEM SOC133(40):15910-15913 Oct 2011Fan, FJ; Yu, B; Wang, YX; Zhu, YL; Liu, XJ; Yu, SH; Ren, ZF
Robust and Highly Efficient Free-Standing Carbonaceous Nanofiber Membranes for Water PurificationADV FUNCT MATER21(20):3851-3858 Oct 2011Liang, HW; Cao, X; Zhang, WJ; Lin, HT; Zhou, F; Chen, LF; Yu, SH
Templating Synthesis of SnO(2) Nanotubes Loaded with Ag(2)O Nanoparticles and Their Enhanced Gas Sensing PropertiesADV FUNCT MATER21(11)2049-2056 Jun 2011Chen, X; Guo, Z; Xu, WH; Yao, HB; Li, MQ; Liu, JH; Huang, XJ; Yu, SH
Pivotal Role of Reduced let-7g Expression in Breast Cancer Invasion and MetastasisCANCER RESEARCH71(20):6463-6474 Oct 2011Qian, PX; Zuo, ZH; Wu, ZS; Meng, XY; Li, GP; Wu, ZZ; Zhang, WJ; Tan, S; Pandey, V; Yao, YD; Wang, PY; Zhao, LQ; Wang, J; Wu, Q; Song, EW; Lobie, PE; Yin, ZN; Zhu, T
Nanofiber-mediated controlled release of siRNA complexes for long term gene-silencing applicationsBIOMATERIALS32(25):5915-5923 Sep 2011Rujitanaroj, PO; Wang, YC; Wang, J; Chew, SY
Amphiphilic multiarm star block copolymer-based multifunctional unimolecular micelles for cancer targeted drug delivery and MR imagingBIOMATERIALS32(27):6595 Sep 2011Li, XJ; Qian, YF; Liu, T; Hu, XL; Zhang, GY; You, YZ; Liu, SY
Targeting the brain with PEG-PLGA nanoparticles modified with phage-displayed peptidesBIOMATERIALS32(21):4943-4950 Jul 2011Li, JW; Feng, L; Fan, L; Zha, Y; Guo, LR; Zhang, QZ; Chen, J; Pang, ZQ; Wang, YC; Jiang, XG; Yang, VC; Wen, LP
Reversible Transition between Thermodynamically Stable Phases with Low Density of Oxygen Vacancies on the SrTiO(3)(110) SurfacePHYS REV LETT107(3):36103 Jul 2011Li, FM; Wang, ZM; Meng, S; Sun, YB; Yang, JL; Guo, QL; Guo, JD
Terminating Surface Electromigration at the SourcePHYS REV LETT106(15):156404 Apr 2011Bevan, KH; Zhu, WG; Guo, H; Zhang, ZY
Ar-39 Detection at the 10(-16) Isotopic Abundance Level with Atom Trap Trace AnalysisPHYS REV LETT106(10):103001 Mar 2011Jiang, W; Williams, W; Bailey, K; Davis, AM; Hu, SM; Lu, ZT; O'Connor, TP; Purtschert, R; Sturchio, NC; Sun, YR; Mueller, P
Large Exchange Bias after Zero-Field Cooling from an Unmagnetized StatePHYS REV LETT106(7):77203 Feb 2011Wang, BM; Liu, Y; Ren, P; Xia, B; Ruan, KB; Yi, JB; Ding, J; Li, XG; Wang, L
Quasiparticle Interference of C-2-Symmetric Surface States in a LaOFeAs Parent CompoundPHYS REV LETT106(8):87001 Feb 2011Zhou, XD; Ye, C; Cai, P; Wang, XF; Chen, XH; Wang, YY
Optical Excitation and Decay Dynamics of Ytterbium Atoms Embedded in a Solid Neon MatrixPHYS REV LETT107(9):93001 Aug 2011Xu, CY; Hu, SM; Singh, J; Bailey, K; Lu, ZT; Mueller, P; O'Connor, TP; Welp, U
Common Crystalline and Magnetic Structure of Superconducting A(2)Fe(4)Se(5) (A = K, Rb, Cs, Tl) Single Crystals Measured Using Neutron DiffractionPHYS REV LETT107(13):137003 Sep 2011Ye, F; Chi, S; Bao, W; Wang, XF; Ying, JJ; Chen, XH; Wang, HD; Dong, CH; Fang, MH
CO Oxidation Facilitated by Robust Surface States on Au-Covered Topological InsulatorsPHYS REV LETT107(5):56804 Jul 2011Chen, H; Zhu, WG; Xiao, D; Zhang, ZY
Measurements of the Anisotropic In-Plane Resistivity of Underdoped FeAs-Based Pnictide SuperconductorsPHYS REV LETT107(6):67001 Aug 2011Ying, JJ; Wang, XF; Wu, T; Xiang, ZJ; Liu, RH; Yan, YJ; Wang, AF; Zhang, M; Ye, GJ; Cheng, P; Hu, JP; Chen, XH
Finite-Temperature Phase Transition in a Class of Four-State Potts AntiferromagnetsPHYS REV LETT107(15):150601 Oct 2011Deng, YJ; Huang, Y; Jacobsen, JL; Salas, J; Sokal, AD
Experimental Demonstration of Probabilistic Quantum CloningPHYS REV LETT106(18):180404 May 2011Chen, HW; Lu, DW; Chong, B; Qin, G; Zhou, XY; Peng, XH; Du, JF
Preservation of Bipartite Pseudoentanglement in Solids Using Dynamical DecouplingPHYS REV LETT106(4):40501 Jan 2011Wang, Y; Rong, X; Feng, PB; Xu, WJ; Chong, B; Su, JH; Gong, JB; Du, JF
Simulation of Chemical Isomerization Reaction Dynamics on a NMR Quantum SimulatorPHYS REV LETT107(1):20501 Jul 2011Lu, DW; Xu, NY; Xu, RX; Chen, HW; Gong, JB; Peng, XH; Du, JF
Density-Matrix Approach for the Electroluminescence of Molecules in a Scanning Tunneling MicroscopePHYS REV LETT106(17):177401 Apr 2011Tian, GJ; Liu, JC; Luo, Y
Atomic Structure, Energetics, and Dynamics of Topological Solitons in Indium Chains on Si(111) SurfacesPHYS REV LETT106(2):26801 Jan 2011Zhang, H; Choi, JH; Xu, Y; Wang, XX; Zhai, XF; Wang, B; Zeng, CG; Cho, JH; Zhang, ZY; Hou, JG
Comment on "Atomic Structure, Energetics, and Dynamics of Topological Solitons in Indium Chains on Si(111) Surfaces" ReplyPHYS REV LETT107(1):19702 Jun 2011Zhang, H; Choi, JH; Xu, Y; Wang, XX; Zhai, XF; Wang, B; Zeng, CG; Cho, JH; Zhang, ZY; Hou, JG
CPLA 1.0: an integrated database of protein lysine acetylationNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH39 Suppl.1:D1029-D1034Jan 2011Liu, ZX; Cao, J; Gao, XJ; Zhou, YH; Wen, LP; Yang, XJ; Yao, XB; Ren, JA; Xue, Y
mirAct: a web tool for evaluating microRNA activity based on gene expression dataNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH39(2):W139-W144 Jul 2011Liang, Z; Zhou, H; He, ZX; Zheng, HR; Wu, JR
Unique Heterogeneous Silver-Copper Dendrites with a Trace Amount of Uniformly Distributed Elemental Cu and Their Enhanced SERS PropertiesSMALL7(7):858-863 Apr 2011Chen, X; Cui, CH; Guo, Z; Liu, JH; Huang, XJ; Yu, SH