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Ultrafast Interfacial Proton-Coupled Electron TransferCHEMICAL REVIEWS110(12):7082-7099 DEC 2010Petek, H, Zhao, J
Interface-Confined Ferrous Centers for Catalytic OxidationSCIENCE328(5982): 1141-1144 MAY 28 2010Fu Q, Li WX, Yao YX, Liu HY, Su HY, Ma D, Gu XK , Chen LM, Wang Z, Zhang H , Wang B, Bao XH
Arsenic Trioxide Controls the Fate of the PML-RAR alpha Oncoprotein by Directly Binding PMLSCIENCE328(5975): 240-243 APR 9 2010Zhang XW, Yan XJ, Zhou ZR, Yang FF, Wu ZY, Sun HB, Liang WX, Song AX, Lallemand-Breitenbach V, Jeanne M, Zhang QY, Yang HY, Huang QH, Zhou GB, Tong JH, Zhang Y, Wu JH, Hu HY, de The H, Chen SJ, Chen Z
Observation of spin-dependent quantum jumps via quantum dot resonance fluorescenceNATURE467(7313):297-300 Sep 2010Vamivakas, AN ; Lu, CY ; Matthiesen, C; Zhao, Y; Falt, S; Badolato, A; Atature, M
Isotope effect in spin response of pi-conjugated polymer films and devicesNATURE MATERIALS9(4): 345-352 APR 2010Nguyen TD, Hukic-Markosian G, Wang FJ, Wojcik L, Li XG, Ehrenfreund E, Vardeny ZV
Generation of molecular hot electroluminescence by resonant nanocavity plasmonsNATURE PHOTONICS4(1): 50-54 JAN 10 2010Dong ZC, Zhang XL, Gao HY, Luo Y, Zhang C, Chen LG, Zhang R, Tao X , Zhang Y, Yang JL, Hou JG
Experimental free-space quantum teleportationNATURE PHOTONICS4(6): 376-381 JUN 2010Jin XM, Ren JG, Yang B, Yi ZH , Zhou F, Xu XF, Wang SK, Yang D, Hu YF, Jiang S, Yang T, Yin H, Chen K, Peng CZ, Pan JW
Experimental demonstration of a heralded entanglement sourceNATURE PHOTONICS4(8): 549-552 AUG 2010Wagenknecht C, Li CM, Reingruber A, Bao XH, Goebel A, Chen YA, Zhang QA, Chen K, Pan JW
Experimental demonstration of a hyper-entangled ten-qubit Schrodinger cat stateNATURE PHYSICS6(5): 331-335 MAY 2010Gao WB, Lu CY, Yao XC, Xu P, Guhne O, Goebel A, Chen YA , Peng CZ, Chen ZB, Pan JW
Single-Molecule Chemistry of Metal Phthalocyanine on Noble Metal SurfacesACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH43(7):954-962 JUL 2010Li ZY, Li B, Yang JL, Hou JG
Spin dynamics in semiconductorsPHYSICS REPORTS-REVIEW SECTION OF PHYSICS LETTERS493(2-4): 61-236 AUG 2010Wu MW, Jiang JH, Weng MQ
Entangled photons and quantum communicationPHYSICS REPORTS-REVIEW SECTION OF PHYSICS LETTERS497(1):1-40 Dec 2010Yuan, ZS (Yuan, Zhen-Sheng)1,2,3; Bao, XH (Bao, Xiao-Hui)1,2,3; Lu, CY (Lu, Chao-Yang)1,2; Zhang, J (Zhang, Jun)1,2; Peng, CZ (Peng, Cheng-Zhi)1,2; Pan, JW (Pan, Jian-Wei)1,2,3
Loss-of-Function Mutations in the PRPS1 Gene Cause a Type of Nonsyndromic X-linked Sensorineural Deafness, DFN2AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS86(1): 65-71 JAN 8 2010Liu XZ, Han DY, Li JZ, Han B, Ouyang XM, Cheng J, Li X, Jin ZG, Wang YQ, Bitner-Glindzicz M , Kong XY, Xu H, Kantardzhieva A, Eavey RD , Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Du LL, Chen ZY, Dai P, Teng MK , Yan D, Yuan HJ
Direct Confined-Space Combustion Forming Monoclinic Vanadium DioxidesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(1): 134-137 2010Wu CZ, Dai J, Zhang XD, Yang JL, Qi F, Gao C, Xie Y
Biologically Inspired, Strong, Transparent, and Functional Layered Organic-Inorganic Hybrid FilmsANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(12): 2140-2145 2010Yao HB, Fang HY, Tan ZH, Wu LH, Yu SH
A Tumor-Acidity-Activated Charge-Conversional Nanogel as an Intelligent Vehicle for Promoted Tumoral-Cell Uptake and Drug DeliveryANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(21): 3621-3626 2010Du JZ, Sun TM, Song WJ, Wu J, Wang J
Reversible Three-State Switching of Multicolor Fluorescence Emission by Multiple Stimuli Modulated FRET Processes within Thermoresponsive Polymeric MicellesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(30):5120-5124 2010Li CH, Zhang YX, Hu JM, Cheng JJ, Liu SY
Ternary Heterostructured Nanoparticle Tubes: A Dual Catalyst and Its Synergistic Enhancement Effects for O2/H2O2 Reduction.ANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(48): 9149-9152-2145 2010Cui CH, Hui-Hui Li, Jin-Wen Yu, Min-Rui Gao, Shu-Hong Yu*,
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49(48), 9149-9152.   
Artificial Nacre-Like Bionanocomposite Films with High Performances: Self-assembly of Chitosan-Montmorillonite Hybrid Building BlocksANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(52), 10127-10131. 25 NOV 2010Yao HB, Tan ZH, Fang HY, Yu SH
Chlorination of C-86 to C84Cl32 with Nonclassical Heptagon-Containing Fullerene Cage Formed by Cage ShrinkageANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(28):4784-4787 2010Ioffe IN, Chen CB, Yang SF, Sidorov LN, Kemnitz E, Troyanov SI
Asymmetric Amplification in Phosphoric Acid Catalyzed ReactionsANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(36):6378-6381 2010Li N, Chen XH, Zhou SM, Luo SW, Song J, Ren L, Gong LZ.
Enantioselective Oxidative Cross-Coupling Reaction of 3-Indolylmethyl C-H Bonds with 1,3-Dicarbonyls Using a Chiral Lewis Acid-Bonded Nucleophile to Control StereochemistryANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(32):5558-5562 2010Guo C, Song J, Luo SW, Gong LZ
Ternary Heterostructured Nanoparticle Tubes: A Dual Catalyst and Its Synergistic Enhancement Effects for O-2/H2O2 ReductionANGEW CHEM INT EDIT49(48):9149-9152 2010Cui CH, Li HH, Yu JW,Gao MR, Yu SH
Perceptual Learning Improves Contrast Sensitivity of V1 Neurons in CatsCURRENT BIOLOGY20(10): 887-894 MAY 25 2010Hua TM, Bao PL, Huang CB, Wang ZH , Xu JW, Zhou YF, Lu ZL
Deletion of Interleukin-6 in Mice With the Dominant Negative Form of Transforming Growth Factor beta Receptor II Improves Colitis but Exacerbates Autoimmune CholangitisHEPATOLOGY52(1):215-222 JUL 2010Zhang WC, Tsuda M, Yang GX, Tsuneyama K, Rong G, Ridgway WM, Ansari AA, Flavell RA, Coppel RL, Lian ZX, Gershwin ME.
Nearly Free Electron Superatom States of Carbon and Boron Nitride NanotubesNANO LETTERS10(12):4830-4838 DEC 2010Hu SL, Zhao J, Jin YD, Yang J, Petek H, Hou JG
Discriminating early stage A beta 42 monomer structures using chirality-induced 2DIR spectroscopy in a simulation studP NATL ACAD SCI USA107(36):15687-15692 SEP 7 2010Zhuang W, Sgourakis NG, Li ZY, Garcia AE, Mukamel S
Structural basis for the allosteric control of the global transcription factor NtcA by the nitrogen starvation signal 2-oxoglutarateP NATL ACAD SCI USA107(28): 12487-12492 JUL 13 2010Zhao MX, Jiang YL, He YX, Chen YF, Teng YB, Chen YX, Zhang CC
Teleportation-based realization of an optical quantum two-qubit entangling gateP NATL ACAD SCI USA107(49): 20869-20874 DEC 7 2010Wei-Bo Gaoa,1, Alexander M. Goebelb,1, Chao-Yang Lua,1, Han-Ning Daia, Claudia Wagenknechtb, Qiang Zhanga, Bo Zhaoa, Cheng-Zhi Penga, Zeng-Bing Chena, Yu-Ao Chena,2, and Jian-Wei Pana,b,2
Alternative Sigma Factor sigma(H) Modulates Prophage Integration and Excision in Staphylococcus aureusPLOS PATHOGENS6(5): e1000888 MAY 2010Tao LA, Wu XQ, Sun BL
PhosSNP for Systematic Analysis of Genetic Polymorphisms That Influence Protein PhosphorylationMOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS9(4): 623-634 APR 2010Ren J, Jiang CH, Gao XJ, Liu ZX, Yuan ZN, Jin CJ , Wen LP, Zhang ZL , Xue Y, Yao XBA
Prediction of Folding Equilibria of Differently Substituted Peptides Using One-Step PerturbationJ AM CHEM SOC132(21): 7276-+ JUN 2 2010Lin ZX, Kornfeld J, Machler M, van Gunsteren WF
Insights into Initial Kinetic Nucleation of Gold NanocrystalsJ AM CHEM SOC132(22):7696-7701 JUN 9 2010Yao T, Sun ZH, Li YY, Pan ZY, Wei H, Xie Y, Nomura M, Niwa Y, Yan WS, Wu ZY, Jiang Y, Liu QH, Wei SQ .
Mesostructured Assemblies of Ultrathin Superlong Tellurium Nanowires and Their PhotoconductivityJ AM CHEM SOC132(26):8945-8952 JUL 7 2010Liu JW, Zhu JH, Zhang CL, Liang HW, Yu SH
Metal Sulfide in a C-82 Fullerene Cage: A New Form of Endohedral ClusterfullerenesJ AM CHEM SOC132(15): 5413-5421 APR 21 2010Dunsch L, Yang SF, Zhang L, Svitova A, Oswald S, Popov AA
Seed-Mediated Synthesis of Ag Nanocubes with Controllable Edge Lengths in the Range of 30-200 nm and Comparison of Their Optical PropertiesJ AM CHEM SOC132(32):11372-11378 AUG 18 2010Zhang QA, Li WY, Moran C, Zeng J, Chen JY, Wen LP, Xia YN
High-Throughput Screening of Dendrimer-Binding DrugsJ AM CHEM SOC132(38):13182-13184 SEP 29 2010Zhao LB, Wu QL, Cheng YY, Zhang JH, Wu JH, Xu TW
Polymer-Controlled Crystallization of Unique Mineral SuperstructuresADVANCED MATERIALS22(4): 540-545 JAN 26 2010Chen SF, Zhu JH, Jiang J, Cai GB, Yu SH
Engineering Carbon Materials from the Hydrothermal Carbonization Process of BiomassADVANCED MATERIALS22(7):813-828 Sp. Iss. SI FEB 16 2010Hu B, Wang K, Wu LH, Yu SH, Antonietti M, Titirici MM
Hydrophilic Co@Au Yolk/Shell Nanospheres: Synthesis, Assembly, and Application to Gene DeliveryADVANCED MATERIALS22(12): 1407-+ MAR 26 2010Lu Y, Zhao Y, Yu L, Dong L , Shi C, Hu MJ , Xu YJ, Wen LP, Yu SH
Coaxial Metal Nano-/Microcables with Isolating Sheath: Synthetic Methodology and Their Application as InterconnectsADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1977-1981 MAY 4 2010Gao MR, Xu WH, Luo LB, Zhan YJ, Yu SH
New Vanadium Oxide Nanostructures: Controlled Synthesis and Their Smart Electrical Switching PropertiesADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1972-1976 MAY 4 2010Wu CZ, Wei H, Ning B, Xie Y
Controlling Electronic States and Transport Properties at the Level of Single MoleculesADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1967-1971 MAY 4 2010Pan SA, Zhao AD, Wang B, Yang JL, Hou JG
Synthetic Methodologies for Carbon NanomaterialsADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1963-1966 MAY 4 2010Liu ZP, Zhou XF, Qian YT
Nanostructures for Thermoelectric Applications: Synthesis, Growth Mechanism, and Property StudiesADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1959-1962 MAY 4 2010Zhang GQ, Yu QX, Wang W, Li XG
Gold-Based Hybrid Nanocrystals Through Heterogeneous Nucleation and GrowthADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1936-+ MAY 4 2010Zeng J, Huang JL, Liu C, Wu CH, Lin Y, Wang XP, Zhang SY , Hou JG, Xia YN
USTC: A Powerhouse of TalentADVANCED MATERIALS22(17): 1897-1899 MAY 4 2010Xia YA, Yu SH
Templating Synthesis of Preloaded Doxorubicin in Hollow Mesoporous Silica Nanospheres for Biomedical ApplicationsADVANCED MATERIALS22(42):5255-+ DEC ... 2010Zhao Y, Lin LN, Lu Y, Chen SF, Dong L, Yu SH
Controlled Synthesis of One-Dimensional Inorganic Nanostructures Using Pre-Existing One-Dimensional Nanostructures as TemplatesADVANCED MATERIALS22(35):3925-3937 SEP 15 2010Liang HW, Liu S, Yu SH
Carbonaceous Nanofiber Membranes for Selective Filtration and Separation of NanoparticlesADVANCED MATERIALS22(42):4691-+ NOV 9 2010Liang HW, Wang L, Chen PY, Lin HT, Chen LF, He DA, Yu SH
Palmitate impairs cytokinesis associated with RhoA inhibitionCELL RESEARCH20(4): 492-494 APR 2010Zhang JH, Yang Y, Wu JR
Noncovalent Functionalization of BN Nanotubes with Perylene Derivative Molecules: An ab Initio StudACS NANO4(3): 1313-1320 MAR 2010Gou GY, Pan BC, Shi L
Dramatically Enhanced Photoresponse of Reduced Graphene Oxide with Linker-Free Anchored CdSe NanoparticlesACS NANO4(6): 3033-3038 JUN 2010Lin Y, Zhang K, Chen WF, Liu YD, Geng ZG, Zeng J , Pan N, Yan LF, Wang XP, Hou JG
Spin-Flow Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecules with Flexible Spin Density: Electrochemistry, ESR, Cluster and Spin Dynamics, and Bonding in TiSc2N@C-80ACS NANO4(8): 4857-4871AUG 2010Popov AA, Chen CB, Yang SF, Lipps F, Dunsch L
MiCroKit 3.0: an integrated database of midbody, centrosome and kinetochoreNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH38: D155-D160 Suppl. 1 JAN 2010Ren J, Liu ZX, Gao XJ, Jin CJ, Ye ML, Zou HF, Wen LP, Zhang ZL, Xue Y, Yao XB
NMR Implementation of a Molecular Hydrogen Quantum Simulation with Adiabatic State PreparationPHYS REV LETT104(3): 030502 JAN 22 2010Du JF, Xu NY, Peng XH, Wang PF, Wu SF, Lu DW
Crossover of Feshbach Resonances to Shape-Type Resonances in Electron-Hydrogen Atom Excitation with a Screened Coulomb InteractionPHYS REV LETT104(2): 023203 JAN 15 2010Zhang SB, Wang JG, Janev RK
Experimental Realization of a Controlled-NOT Gate with Four-Photon Six-Qubit Cluster StatesPHYS REV LETT104(2): 020501 JAN 15 2010Gao WB, Xu P, Yao XC, Guhne O, Cabello A, Lu CY, Peng CZ, Chen ZB, Pan JW
Theory of the Spin Relaxation of Conduction Electrons in SiliconPHYS REV LETT104(1): 016601 JAN 8 2010Cheng JL, Wu MW, Fabian J
Heralded Generation of an Atomic NOON StatePHYS REV LETT104(4): 043601 JAN 29 2010Chen YA, Bao XH, Yuan ZS, Chen S, Zhao B , Pan JW
Quantum Criticality and Nodal Superconductivity in the FeAs-Based Superconductor KFe2As2PHYS REV LETT104(8): 087005 FEB 26 2010Dong JK, Zhou SY, Guan TY, Zhang H, Dai YF, Qiu X , Wang XF, He Y, Chen XH , Li SY
Increasing the Statistical Significance of Entanglement Detection in ExperimentsPHYS REV LETT104(21): 210401 MAY 28 2010Jungnitsch B, Niekamp S, Kleinmann M, Guhne O, Lu H, Gao WB, Chen YA, Chen ZB, Pan JW
Room-Temperature Implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm with a Single Electronic Spin in DiamondPHYS REV LETT105(4):040504 JUL 23 2010Shi FZ, Rong X, Xu NY, Wang Y, Wu J, Chong B, Peng XH, Kniepert J, Schoenfeld RS, Harneit WG, Feng M, Du JF
Observation of the ground-state geometric phase in a Heisenberg XY modelPHYS REV LETT105(24):240405 2010Xinhua Peng, Sanfeng Wu, Jun Li, Dieter Suter, and Jiangfeng Du
Comment on "Interaction-Induced Shift of the Cyclotron Resonance of Graphene Using Infrared Spectroscopy"PHYS REV LETT105(15):159703 OCT 7 2010Zhu W, Shi QW, Hou JG, Wang XR
Experimental Realization of Programmable Quantum Gate Array for Directly Probing Commutation Relations of Pauli OperatorsPHYS REV LETT105(12):120402 SEP 13 2010Yao XC, Fiurasek J, Lu H, Gao WB, Chen YA, Chen ZB, Pan JW
Understanding the Nature of Kinetic Process in VO2 Metal-Insulator TransitionPHYS REV LETT105(22):226405 NOV 23 2010Yao T, Zhang XD, Sun ZH, Liu SJ, Huang YY, Xie Y, Wu CZ, Yuan X, Zhang WQ, Wu ZY, Pan GQ , Hu FC , Wu LH, Liu QH, Wei SQ
Understanding the Nature of Kinetic Process in VO2 Metal-Insulator TransitionPHYS REV LETT105(22):226405 NOV 23 2010Yao T, Zhang XD, Sun ZH, Liu SJ, Huang YY, Xie Y, Wu CZ, Yuan X, Zhang WQ, Wu ZY, Pan GQ , Hu FC , Wu LH, Liu QH, Wei SQ
ARF antagonizes the ability of Miz-1 to inhibit p53-mediated transactivationONCOGENE29(5): 711-722 FEB 4 2010Miao L, Song Z, Jin L, Zhu YM , Wen LP , Wu M
B23 acts as a nucleolar stress sensor and promotes cell survival through its dynamic interaction with hnRNPU and hnRNPA1ONCOGENE29(12): 1821-1834 MAR 2010Yao Z, Duan S, Hou D, Wang W, Wang G, Liu Y, Wen L, Wu M
Artemin is estrogen regulated and mediates antiestrogen resistance in mammary carcinomaONCOGENE29(22): 3228-3240 JUN 3 2010Kang J, Qian PX, Pandey V, Perry JK, Miller LD, Liu ET, Zhu T, Liu DX, Lobie PE
Ordering of Disordered Nanowires: Spontaneous Formation of Highly Aligned, Ultralong Ag Nanowire Films at Oil-Water-Air InterfaceADV FUNCT MATER20(6): 958-964 MAR 24 2010Shi HY, Hu B, Yu XC, Zhao RL, Ren XF, Liu SL, Liu JW, Feng M, Xu AW, Yu SH
Integrating Ionic Gate and Rectifier Within One Solid-State Nanopore via Modification with Dual-Responsive Copolymer BrushesADV FUNCT MATER20(20):3561-3567 OCT 22 2010Guo W, Xia HW, Cao LX,Xia F, Wang ST, Zhang GZ, Song YL, Wang YG, Jiang L, Zhu DB
Nanomaterials Research with a Chinese FlavorADV FUNCT MATER20(21): 3628-3629 NOV 9 2010Yu SH, Xia YN
Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Silver Vanadium Oxide (Ag1.2V3O8): A Magnetic Semiconductor Nanoring StructureADV FUNCT MATER20(21):3666-3672 NOV 9 2010Wu CZ, Zhu HO, Dai J, Yan WS, Yang JL, Tian YC, Wei SQ, Xie Y
Magnetic Alloy Nanorings Loaded with Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Applications as Multimodal Imaging Contrast AgentsADV FUNCT MATER20(21):3701-3706 NOV 9 2010Lu Y, Shi C, Hu MJ, Xu YJ, Yu L, Wen LP, Zhao Y, Xu WP, Yu SH
Induction of genuine autophagy by cationic lipids in mammalian cellsAUTOPHAGY6(4): 449-454 MAY 16 2010Man N, Chen Y, Zheng F, Zhou W, Wen LP
Rare earth oxide nanocrystals as a new class of autophagy inducersAUTOPHAGY6(2): 310-311 FEB 16 2010Man N, Yu L, Yu SH, Wen LP
Gold Nanoparticles Capped with Polyethyleneimine for Enhanced siRNA DeliverySMALL6(2): 239-246 JAN 18 2010Song WJ, Du JZ, Sun TM, Zhang PZ, Wang J
Water-Soluble Magnetic-Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets: In situ Synthesis and Magnetic Resonance Imaging ApplicationsSMALL6(2): 169-173 JAN 18 2010Cong HP, He JJ, Lu Y, Yu SH
Synthesis of Superparamagnetic CaCO3 Mesocrystals for Multistage Delivery in Cancer TherapySMALL6(21): 2436-2442 NOV 5 2010Zhao Y, Lu Y, Hu Y, Li JP, Dong LA, Lin LN, Yu SH