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Superconductivity at 43 K in SmFeAsO1-xFxNATURE453(7196): 761-762 JUN 5 2008Chen XH, Wu T, Wu G, Liu RH, Chen H , Fang DF
A BCS-like gap in the superconductor SmFeAsO0.85F0.15NATURE453(7199): 1224-1227 JUN 26 2008Chen TY, Tesanovic Z, Liu RH, Chen XH, Chien CL
Experimental demonstration of a BDCZ quantum repeater nodeNATURE454(7208): 1098-1101 AUG 28 2008Yuan ZS, Chen YA, Zhao B, Chen S, Schmiedmayer J, Pan JW
Charge-order fluctuations in one-dimensional silicidesNATURE MATERIALS7(7): 539-542 JUL 2008Zeng CG, Kent PRC, Kim TH, Li AP , Weitering HH
Memory-built-in quantum teleportation with photonic and atomic qubitsNATURE PHYSICS4(2): 103-107 FEB 2008Chen YA, Chen S, Yuan ZS, Zhao B, Chuu CS , Schmiedmayer J, Pan JW
Gene expression analysis in the human hypothalamus in depression by laser microdissection and real-time PCR: the presence of multiple receptor imbalancesMol Psychiatr13(8): 786-799 AUG 2008Wang SS, Kamphuis W, Huitinga I, Zhou JN , Swaab DF
Therapeutic RNA silencing of Cys-X3-Cys chemokine ligand 1 gene prevents mice from adenovirus vector-induced acute liver injuryHEPATOLOGY47(2):648-658 FEB 2008Chen QF, Wei HM, Sun R, Zhang J, Tian ZG
Organocatalytic asymmetric three-component cyclization of cinnamaldehydes and primary amines with 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds: Straightforward access to enantiomerically enriched dihydropyridinesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT47(13): 2458-2462 2008Jiang J, Yu J, Sun XX, Rao QQ, Gong LZ
Carbon Pyramidalization in Fullerene Cages Induced by the Endohedral Cluster: Non-Scandium Mixed Metal Nitride ClusterfullerenesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT47(43): 8196-8200 2008Yang SF, Popov AA, Dunsch L
Organocatalytic Asymmetric Formal [3+2] Cycloaddition Reaction of Isocyanoesters to Nitroolefins Leading to Highly Optically Active DihydropyrrolesANGEW CHEM INT EDIT47(18): 3414-3417 2008Chang Guo, Meng-Xia Xue, Ming-Kui Zhu, and Liu-Zhu Gong
UV-Light induced fabrication of CdCl2 nanotubes through CdSe/Te nanocrystals based on dimension and configuration controlNANO LETTERS8(5): 1318-1322 MAY 2008Zeng J, Liu C, Huang JL, Wang XP, Zhang SY, Li GP, Hou JG
Experimental quantum coding against qubit loss errorP NATL ACAD SCI USA105(32): 11050-11054 AUG 12 2008Lu CY, Gao WB, Zhang L, Zhou XQ , Yang T , Pan JW
Structural selection of graphene supramolecular assembly oriented by molecular conformation and alkyl chainP NATL ACAD SCI USA105(44): 16849-16854 NOV 4 2008Chen Q, Chen T, Pan GB, Yan HJ, Song W, Wan LJ, Li ZT, Wang ZH, Shang B, Yuan LF, Yang JL
GPS 2.0, a tool to predict kinase-specific phosphorylation sites in hierarchyMOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS7(9): 1598-1608 SEP 2008Xue Y, Ren J, Gao XJ, Jin CJ, Wen LP, Yao XB
Polymer-mediated mineralization and self-similar mesoscale-organized calcium carbonate with unusual superstructuresADVANCED MATERIALS20(7): 1333 APR 4 2008Xu AW, Antonietti M, Yu SH, Colfen H
Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of Core/Shell Heterostructure Nanowire CompositesADVANCED MATERIALS20(19): 3654-3656 OCT 2 2008Zhang GQ, Wang W, Li XG
Half-metallicity in edge-modified zigzag graphene nanoribbonsJ AM CHEM SOC130(13): 4224-+ APR 2 2008Kan EJ, Li ZY, Yang JL, Hou JG
Asymmetric organocatalytic three-component 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition: Control of stereochemistry via a chiral bronsted acid activated dipoleJ AM CHEM SOC130(17): 5652 APR 30 2008Chen XH, Zhang WQ, Gong LZ
Necklace-like Cu@Cross-Linked poly(vinyl alcohol) core-shell microcables by hydrothermal processJ AM CHEM SOC130(17): 5650 APR 30 2008Zhan YJ, Yu SH
Cooperative catalysis with chiral Bronsted acid-Rh-2(OAC)(4): Highly enantioselective three-component reactions of diazo compounds with alcohols and iminesJ AM CHEM SOC130(25): 7782 JUN 25 2008Hu WH, Xu XF, Zhou J, Liu WJ , Huang HX, Hu J, Yang LP , Gong LZ
Doping dependence of the pressure response of T(c) in the SmO(1-x)F(x)FeAs superconductorsJ AM CHEM SOC130(29): 9242 2008Takabayashi, Y; McDonald, MT; Papanikolaou, D; Margadonna, S; Wu, G; Liu, RH; Chen, XH; Prassides, K
High yield synthesis of bracelet-like hydrophilic Ni-Co magnetic alloy flux-closure nanoringsJ AM CHEM SOC130(35): 11606-+ SEP 3 2008Hu MJ, Lu Y, Zhang S, Guo SR, Lin B, Zhang M, Yu SH
Variation in crossover interference levels on individual chromosomes from human malesHUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS17(17): 2583-2594 SEP 1 2008Lian J, Yin Y, Oliver-Bonet M, Liehr T , Ko E, Turek P, Sun F , Martin RH
Biocompatible, luminescent silver@phenol formaldehyde resin core/shell nanospheres: Large-scale synthesis and application for in vivo bioimagingADV FUNCT MATER18(6): 872-879 MAR 25 2008Guo SR, Gong JY, Jiang P, Wu M, Lu Y, Yu SH
Uniformly shaped poly(p-phenylenediamine) microparticles: Shape-controlled synthesis and their potential application for the removal of lead ions from waterADV FUNCT MATER18(7): 1105-1111 APR 11 2008Wang JJ, Jiang J, Hit B, Yu SH
Synthesis of Semiconducting Functional Materials in Solution: From II-VI Semiconductor to Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Semiconductor NanomaterialsADV FUNCT MATER18(21): 3357-3366 NOV 10 2008Yao WT, Yu SH
Synthesis of microscale raft-shaped Zinc(II)-Phenylaianine complexes and Zinc(II)-phenylalanine/dye hybrid bundles with new optical propertiesADV FUNCT MATER18(2): 195- 2008Cong, HP; Yu, SH
Catalytic asymmetric formation of carbon-carbon bond in the presence of waterCOORDIN CHEM REV252 (5-7) : 736-750 MAR 2008Pan, CF; Wang, ZY
Novel dynamical effects and glassy response in a strongly correlated electronic systemPHYS REV LETT100(14): 146402 APR 11 2008Wang GY, Chen XH, Wu T, Luo XG, Zhang WT, Wu G
Experimental study of the validity of quantitative conditions in the quantum adiabatic theoremPHYS REV LETT101(6): 060403 AUG 8 2008Du JF, Hu LZ, Wang Y, Wu JD, Zhao MS, Suter D
Anomalous transport properties and phase diagram of the FeAs-based SmFeAsO1-xFx superconductorsPHYS REV LETT101(8): 087001 AUG 22 2008Liu RH, Wu G, Wu T, Fang DF, Chen H , Li SY, Liu K, Xie YL , Wang XF, Yang RL , Ding L, He C, Feng DL, Chen XH
Multistage entanglement swappingPHYS REV LETT101(8): 080403 AUG 22 2008Goebel AM, Wagenknecht C, Zhang Q, Chen YA , Chen K, Schmiedmayer J , Pan JW
Superconducting energy gap and c-axis plasma frequency of (Nd, Sm)FeAsO0.82F0.18 superconductors from infrared ellipsometryPHYS REV LETT101(9): 097011 AUG 29 2008Dubroka A, Kim KW, Rossle M, Malik VK, Drew AJ, Liu RH, Wu G, Chen XH, Bernhard C
Coexistence of magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in the pnictide high temperature superconductor SmFeAsO1-xFx measured by muon spin rotationPHYS REV LETT101(9): 097010 AUG 29 2008Drew AJ, Pratt FL, Lancaster T, Blundell SJ, Baker PJ, Liu RH, Wu G, Chen XH, Watanabe I , Malik VK, Dubroka A , Kim KW, Rossle M, Bernhard C
Nonadditive quantum error-correcting codePHYS REV LETT101(9): 090501 AUG 29 2008Yu SX, Chen Q, Lai CH, Oh CH
Quantum memory with optically trapped atomsPHYS REV LETT101(12): 120501 SEP 19 2008Chuu CS, Strassel T, Zhao B, Koch M , Chen YA , Chen SA, Yuan ZS , Schmiedmayer J , Pan JW
Generation of Narrow-Band Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs for Atomic Quantum MemoriesPHYS REV LETT101(19): 190501 NOV 7 2008Bao XH, Qian Y, Yang J, Zhang H, Chen ZB , Yang T, Pan JW
Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm for Factorization and Its Experimental ImplementationPHYS REV LETT101(22): 220405 NOV 28 2008Peng XH, Liao ZY, Xu NY, Qin G, Zhou XY, Suter D, Du JF
Crystal Structure and Antiferromagnetic Order in NdFeAsO1-xFx (x=0.0 and 0.2) Superconducting Compounds from Neutron Diffraction MeasurementsPHYS REV LETT101(25): 257002 2008Qiu, Y; Bao, W; Huang, Q; Yildirim, T; Simmons, JM; Green, MA; Lynn, JW; Gasparovic, YC; Li, J; Wu, T; Wu, G; Chen, XH
Neutron-Diffraction Measurements of Magnetic Order and a Structural Transition in the Parent BaFe2As2 Compound of FeAs-Based High-Temperature SuperconductorsPHYS REV LETT101(25): 257003 2008Huang, Q; Qiu, Y; Bao, W; Green, MA; Lynn, JW; Gasparovic, YC; Wu, T; Wu, G; Chen, XH
Neural stem cells improve neuronal survival in cultured postmortem brain tissue from aged and Alzheimer patientsJ CELL MOL MED12(5A): 1611-1621 SEP-OCT 2008Wu L, Sluiter AA, Guo HF, Balesar RA, Swaab DF, Zhou JN , Verwer RWH
Functional characterization of TIP60 sumoylation in UV-irradiated DNA damage responseONCOGENE27(7):931-941 FEB 7 2008Cheng Z, Ke Y, Ding X, Wang F, Wang H, Ahmed K, Liu Z, Xu Y, Aikhionbare F, Yan H, Liu J, Xue Y, Powell M, Liang S, Reddy SE, Hu R, Huang H, Jin C, Yao X
The mitotic checkpoint kinase NEK2A regulates kinetochore microtubule attachment stabilityONCOGENE27(29): 4107-4114 JUL 3 2008Du J, Cai X, Yao J, Ding X, Wu Q, Pei S, Jiang K, Zhang Y, Wang W, Shi Y, Lai Y, Shen J, Teng M, Huang H, Fei Q , Reddy ES, Zhu J , Jin C, Yao X
Structural, electrical, and photoconductive properties of individual single-crystalline tellurium nanotubes synthesized by a chemical route: Doping effects on electrical structureSMALL4(7): 888-893 JUL 2008Xu WH, Song JM, Sun L, Yang JL, Hu WP , Ji ZY, Yu SH
Enhancement of radiation cytotoxicity in breast-cancer cells by localized attachment of gold nanoparticlesSMALL4(9): 1537-1543 SEP 2008Kong T, Zeng J, Wang XP, Yang XY , Yang J , McQuarrie S , McEwan A, Roa W , Chen J, Xing JZ
Biodegradable polycation and plasmid DNA multilayer film for prolonged gene delivery to mouse osteoblastsBIOMATERIALS29(6):733-741 FEB 2008Lu ZZ, Wu J, Sun TM, Ji J, Yan LF, Wang J
Self-assembled biodegradable micellar nanoparticles of amphiphilic and cationic block copolymer for siRNA deliveryBIOMATERIALS29(32): 4348-4355 NOV 2008Sun TM, Du JZ, Yan LF, Mao HQ, Wang J
Antiapoptotic Activity of Autocrine Mterleukin-22 and Therapeutic Effects of Interleukin-22-Small Interfering RNA on Human Lung Cancer XenograftsCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH14(20): 6432-6439 OCT 15 2008Zhang WC, Chen YY, Wei HM, Zheng CG, Sun R, Zhang J, Tian ZG
CD4(+)CD25(+) Foxp3(+) Regulatory T Cells Protect against T Cell-Mediated Fulminant Hepatitis in a TGF-beta-Dependent Manner in MiceJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY181(10): 7221-7229 NOV 15 2008Wei HX, Chuang YH, Li BF, Wei HM, Sun R, Moritoki Y, Gershwin ME, Lian ZX , Tian ZG