Barry Sanders

Name:Barry Sanders




Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Imperial College Doctor of Science


Director, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary


AITF iCORE Strategic Chair in Quantum Information Science, Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary


iCORE Chair of Quantum Science and Technology, Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary


Director, Institute for Quantum Information Science, University of Calgary


iCORE Professor of Quantum Information Science Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary


Adjunct Professor, Physics, Macquarie University


Professor, Physics, Macquarie University


Head of Department, Physics, Macquarie University


Associate Professor, Physics, Macquarie University


Diploma of Imperial College


Doctor of Philosophy (Physics with P. L. Knight) Imperial College


Diploma of Imperial College (Mathematical Physics with T. W. B. Kibble) University of Calgary


Bachelor of Science (Honours Physics) University of Calgary




Theoretical quantum information


quantum optics


quantum control


 Former Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Nigum Arshed (ORCID)

Wei-Wei Zhang (homepage, ORCID)

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

PhD Students

Xu Shu (homepage, ORCID)

Wu Jizhou (homepage, ORCID)

Sun Xiangxiang (ORCID)

Akhtar Munir (homepage, ORCID)

Naeem Akhtar (homepage, ORCID)

Abdul Wahab Khan (ORCID)

Marouane Hanhasse (ORCID)

MSc Students




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